Saturday, 1 March 2014

Stellar Nail Polish - Now Available and Sale is on!

Hi everyone,

Long time no speak... I'm so sorry. It's been a bit of a tough time recently with my back being super bad and being out of work for a month and dealing with the guilt of having no income to support myself and my partner... it's just all been a bit meh.

But anyway, I finally had the courage to release my polishes and sell them via Faceboook! The line is called Stellar - in honor of an Incubus song with the same name that keeps getting stuck in my mind - and every polish has a name of a song that I love and that inspires me. There are very different styles of music involved because I am into all sorts of music. From folk to rock to norwegian polka pop rock, to blues... all sorts.

So if you're into indie polishes and music, why not have a look.

All polishes are £6 (full size) and will come with some extras :)

Even better news is that I am currently holding a payday sale - all full size polishes are £5 and if you buy 4, I will pay the postage :)

I hope you like my sparkly babies, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Lots of love, and more nail related posts soon, I promise. It will all get better soon and then I can focus on my nails again.

xx <3


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nail Art Novice Guest Blog

Hey all,

Today I am guest blogger on, showing off the Gwen Stefani for OPI collection. Well, the mini set anyway. I even added studs, stamping and some chevrons so it's quite a funky one :)

Check out the full post on or directly on

Hope you like :)

Back soon, once I've got my work situation figured out I'm sure I'll feel much better and be back to blogging and painting and polishing.

Lots of love.



Saturday, 1 February 2014

Happy (?) New Year

Hi All,

So it's been an awful long time since I blogged. But here I am, and I will explain a few things in the coming lines. So, here it goes.

I have suffered from depression since I was a teen - well, I guess I always did. But the last year has just been a challenge of its own. In March, I lost one of the most important people in my life, my grandmother. I had a special bond with her and it hit me very hard. This happened after I had just started a job 7 days earlier and had no money whatsoever to travel home to Vienna for the funeral. A very kind friend helped with this problem, but shortly before the funeral, bad news hit again. My brother and his wife, who live in Tokyo, were forced to give birth to a baby they were never going to hold, in her sixth month of pregnancy. She had to go through childbirth, after having tried for years to fall pregnant and having had a false pregnancy in the past. They had to go through all this and then have a funeral for their baby daughter that they never got to share a smile with.
Then there was the funeral for my grandmother of course, and I had to go back to my new job feeling like I was half the person I was before. I loved the job, so that was a great help, and my boss and the rest of the team were so understanding and supportive that I felt like I was going to be ok-ish. That being said, I have been suffering with my bad back for ages and it was getting worse and worse. And as you can imagine, that influenced my mood and frustration food was always a frienemy of mine so I gained weight, which, of course, led to more frustration. On a positive note, I made some amazing new friends in the company and was actually super happy in a job for once. Shame it was a maternity contract so I had to keep looking - internally only because I wanted to stay in the company - for permanent work. Which of course didn't pan out the way I wanted and here I am now, unemployed again. More on that later.
So then Christmas came around, and my birthday, meaning the first Christmas and birthday without my grandmother. And away from home (Vienna home). I didn't see my friends for my birthday and haven't seen them since March for the funeral, which wasn't exactly a happy trip. Unfortunately we're (my other half Steve and I) are still recovering from my previous stint of unemployment which lasted 3 months in which I had to go back and forth to London for interviews which costs a lot of money. Aaaanyway, Christmas and the New Year came around and with that, the realization that my permanent job in the company was never going to happen so I had to look for work again. Which, as you can imagine, is very hard to do when everyone is on holiday with recruitment being the last thing on their mind. The job market became a bit better in my last week of work and I had this amazing interview with this amazing company and they told me, when I was done interviewing, that I was a very strong contender. But, and luck hits again, I didn't get the job, I got the Sorry but No thanks email about a week or so after.
And guess what, the job market slowed back down again and so here I am, still waiting for something positive to happen. All this hasn't exactly helped my depression and so I haven't been in the bloggiest of moods. But I have been making some new polishes and doing some manis so I will put some pics at the end of this depressing post to make it a little less so. Hope you understand my absence and know that it's not the easiest of things to do to tell you all about my moods and anxiety and depression. So here's the pics and some love and thanks for being patient and reading this post :)


Friday, 24 January 2014

Giveaway on!

Everyone, Nailzcraze is having a worldwide giveaway for an amazing ring, silver and amethyst, exactly my colours! Join this giveaway for a chance to win:
Good luck!!!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lab Muffin: Lab Muffin's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

Check out this generous giveaway by Lab Muffin. In fact, check out her entire blog to see beauty and brains combined - quite literally as she is a Science PHD!:

Lab Muffin: Lab Muffin's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!: When I first started blogging, I didn't think I'd stick with it for long, but the last two years have gone by so quickly! Lab Muf...

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Shopping? No. Christmas Stamping!

Hey All,

I hope you're all doing well in the run up to Christmas. I have recently received some amazing MoYou London Plated and couldn't wait to try them out! The obvious choice for this manicure was the Christmas Collection 03 Plate with amazing motives from Reindeer to Christmas trees, from snowflakes to an amazing present with a bow.

I have used Revlon Cloud as a background and just had some fun with the rest. I don't own stamping polish (yet) so have just tried what works, and most of my normal polishes did.

Here's the result:


I'm getting slightly excited about Christmas at last. It's taken a while this year because my grandmother passed away in March and I miss her terribly this time of year. I also have no funds to go back to Vienna this year so it's all a bit of a mixed bag of feelings. Anyway, I have my loved ones in the UK who keep me going and I am very grateful.

Lots of Love!



Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ciate Mini Mani Month Calendar

Hello everybody :)

A mid-week post?? What is happening?? I know I've been slacking so forgive me, got lots going on at the moment and I'll write a separate post about that.

So anyway, my amazing other half bought me the Ciate Mini Mani Month - and advent calendar with a polish a day! A polish a day! ONE POLISH A DAY! Lol, yep, I am probably hyperventilating right now...

So here's what I got so far:

Day 1 - Snow globe. Think of a snow globe. Got it? Lots of glitter everywhere, just really pretty and snowy and ahhhhh. Well, that's exactly what it is :) I ended up putting it over a dark blue (Metallic Blue by Picture Polish) on my middle finger as an accent. I also did a little red bow for World Aids Day on my pinkie and the amazing Sea Jewel, also by Picture Polish, on my ring finger.

Day 2 - Boudoir. Oooh lala, mon dieu, pommes frittes. The most amazing red, I could see Jessica Rabbit wearing it. It's a light, intense red, not a dark sort of maroony one, very far from what I usually like to wear but OMG it went on like a treat. No messing around, no bleeding into my cuticles, just 2 coats and it was amazing. I paired it with an accent of my favourite brand (there, I said it) Picture Polish - Sea Jewel. Again. And it ended up looking really Christmassy. <3

Day 3 - Hopscotch. I must admit, this is my least favourite yet as I just don't get on with orange. And that's what it is, a bright orange. If you like orange, like my brother for example, then this is your shade. If like me you're just not quite sure what to do with it, use it for things such as gradients and penguin beaks. Why not.

So that's where I'm at so far, I shall report back in a couple of days or so. 

Hope you like, please let me know what you think.